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Our research process:

activQuest’s research projects are conducted according to Project Management Principles of time, cost, scope and quality variables from project design to report delivery and sign off.

We have rigorous check systems to ensure we maintain quality throughout our work. activQuest also applies a Participatory Approach to projects ensuring that our clients are with us all the way and are fully involved in the entire process.

This transparent relationship enables them to identify with the project and take full ownership of projects throughout the duration of the process while learning
with us.

Research methodology:

activQuest uses three primary types of research methods to find solutions to clients’ needs as well as customised options to ensure the right answers are consistently achieved.

Quantitative Techniques involve the what, where, and when of decision making using structured data collection techniques. They are the fact finding mission of decision-making.

Qualitative Techniques involve an in–depth understanding of human behaviour and the reasons that govern human behaviour; it relies on reasons behind various aspects of behaviour. Simply put, they investigate the why and how of decision making.

Multi-Method Approaches combine the two distinct methods to provide not only the facts but also an explanation of the facts within the prevailing contexts they are found.

These methods give the most actionable results for clients who work with real time information to innovate and evolve in their respective arenas.

Sampling techniques:

The sampling methods applied are determined by the precision and completeness standards of the client for the data collected.

activQuest’s sampling techniques capture and highlight the population’s distinctions in representational proportions of the real world. Clients therefore have a true picture of the world they operate in.

We add spatial as well as other socio economic characteristics to graphs and numbers. We work closely with the Central Statistics Office to continuously update sampling methods and data to ensure alignment with the Swazi context. We have up to date national sampling frames for demographic, economic, financial and social sampling requirements.

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